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Engage your class with ScrimmageSIM

Everyone wants their students to be engaged. ScrimmageSIM gets them to be engaged not just with the simulation, but with classroom content because they want to know how to do better.

Higher education

Revolutionize your business class by giving students a chance to learn by experience and experimentation

corporate training

ScrimmageSIM is an effective tool for upgrading your employees skills in areas like data analytics and supply chain planning

business development

Use ScrimmageSIM to evaluate changes in your processes and systems before making large investments.


ScrimmageSIM has been designed with a football team scrimmage as a guiding principle. In football, teams analyze the competition and then practice their plays time and again in a scrimmage to develop their proficiency. ScrimmageSIM is designed to encourage interaction and experimentation. 

ScrimmageSIM can be configured to represent a wide range of business environments with varying degrees of complexity.  Unlike other business simulations, there is also flexibility in how it operates. Users can single-step through time or have time progress automatically. They can participate as individuals or in teams. And they can run the simulation scenarios multiple times to try different management approaches because PRACTICE IS GOOD.

ScrimmageSIM is designed as a web-based ERP system with simulation capabilities. The interface will be familiar for business professionals and will help business students understand how ERP systems are used to manage business processes. The ERP design means that rather than operating in an abstract business environment with unrealistic web interfaces, students will develop strategies and then execute those strategies in a realistic environment.
Like other simulations, ScrimmageSIM engages the learner by providing an environment where they are competing with their colleagues and seeing the results of their decisions in a realistic business environment. Unlike other business simulations, the flexibility of design and variety of business scenarios means that the student experience is more easily tailored to the learning objectives of the course or training workshop.
Many business topics, like forecasting or data analytics, cannot be easily understood without a realistic business context. ScrimmageSIM provides the learner with a realistic business environment in which they are engaged. The learner has a deeper understanding of the problem and, because of the competitive nature of the simulation, a greater interest in the tools that can be applied to solve the problem.
Because of the design of ScrimmageSIM, new business scenarios are being developed. If you have a business example that you would like to see as a ScrimmageSIM scenario, or want to have a scenario developed for business development, contact info@scrimmagesim.com

Re-run scenarios and try another strategy.
Scrimmage SIM is flexible.

Coming Soon—Complete Teaching Packages

The teaching packages will include instructor guides, affordable textbooks via Kindle Direct Publishing, PowerPoints for classroom use, test problems for the instructor and example problems with narrated solutions for students.

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